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Terms of Service


By accessing and using Internet DVR and its services you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service stated in this document and that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws.

If you do not accept these terms of service, you are not permitted use of Internet DVR or Internet DVR's services.

Internet DVR reserves the right to change this document at its sole discretion at any time for any reason and you agree to be bound by the then current version of this Terms of Service document. Internet DVR may also modify or discontinue any services for any reason without prior warning.

This license will terminate automatically if you violate any of the listed restrictions. Internet DVR may also terminate this license with you at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion.

No partnership, venture, or employment with Internet DVR is created as a result of accepting the terms of service specified in this document.

This document was last updated on July 16th, 2010.


Linked materials appearing on Internet DVR are not reviewed and Internet DVR is not responsible for the contents of any such linked materials. Links on Internet DVR are in no way an endorsement by Internet DVR of any linked materials, and use of such links is made at your own risk.

Content appearing on Internet DVR may not be factual, complete, or current and no guarantees are made about their accuracy.

You agree that all content, information, and data you submit to Internet DVR will be collected and governed by Internet DVR's Privacy Policy and that you have the rights to submit that content, information, or data to Internet DVR.

You may not use any graphics, designs, logos, icons, code, or other content from Internet DVR without permission.


You agree not to

- Violate any laws in your jurisdiction
- Disrupt the activity of other users
- Engage in abusive behavior to our partners or advertisers
- Engage in any activities pertaining to click fraud
- Use any automated means to access any of Internet DVR's services
- Use Internet DVR on behalf of any third party
- Attempt to impersonate any third party

You agree to use Internet DVR's services responsibly.


Internet DVR respects the intellectual property and copyrights of others and will investigate notices of alleged infringement and take appropriate action under the DMCA and other applicable laws.

To notify Internet DVR of alleged copyright or intellectual property infringement, you must contact us and provide a communication specified by the DMCA at

Internet DVR reserves the right to publicly post such requests, including to such sites as

You may be liable for any and all damages if you misrepresent that your copyright is being infringed upon.


You shall indemnify Internet DVR and all affiliates, partners, customers, employees, contractors, consultants, and other related entities from any liability, cost, damage, or loss from the use or inability of use of Internet DVR and/or Internet DVR's services.


If you have any questions about this Terms of Service document or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.